Listen to two cuts from the show!

One in Our Spirit

Ending Meditation

Dream Jungle live set in Santa Fe recently was a magical and mystical evening of chilled electronic and trance-tribal shamanic beats crafted by founder Dwight Loop and blessed with the visit from Bay Area chantress and Dream Jungle vocalist Taressa Bell and the always incredible visual light and video art of the Bay Area's Lynn Augstein (Cobalt Sun).

Dream Jungle was complimented in its Santa Fe concert by the ever-innovative cosmic cello of Michael Kott and the superb percussion of SFe's Jeff Sussmann.

The rooms ambiance was enhanced by Opal Archer and Lynn's beautiful altars and fabrics.

The evening was topped off by a powerful dance DJ set by Amani Friend's Desert Dwellers, ending the evening's festivities. The support of Santa Fe's dance, yoga and music community was never more in evidence at this first Dream Jungle appearance in New Mexico on the spring-loaded dance floor of the Railyard Performance Center.


Third Ear Logo Art courtesy of

Amani Friend - Global Dragon

Dream Jungle LIVE Concert

Railyard Performance Center, Santa Fe, NM - Feb. 27, 2010.


Dwight Loop, synthesizers, beats, atmospherics •Taressa Bell, chants • Michael Kott, cosmic cello

Jeff Sussmann, percussion • Lynn Augstein (Cobalt Sun) video and dimensional space

with: Amani Friend (Desert Dwellers) DJ set • Opal Archer: Room Atmospherics, Temple